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Posted: July 19, 2011 in General


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Back in Action

Posted: February 13, 2011 in General

After a long hiatus I am BACK! It seems too long to try to recap the happenings of the last two weeks, but sufficient to say that I was away from the PC due to health reasons! Yes, really!

I had a marginal ulceration of the cornea. Sounds funky, and you can read it up yourself here.  I am very much on the mend and taking things easy regarding all forms of PC usage. Now some must be wondering how truthful I am being. considering the incessant tweeting and updates on FB. Well Thanks be to the Lord for phone apps that can be arranged to dull background settings (think mud brown and green slime!)

This short post is to pave the way of the regular posts 😀



Posted: January 27, 2011 in General

Today was super funny! We tried to re-enact PJK’s L-cell with the youth pastors and ministers as members. The idea was to demonstrate how to run cell using the Daily Walk Bible. It was absolutely hilarious to try to share deep meaningful things when she said, imagine the other 40-plus leaders are not around .Imagine it’s our normal cell. It was so funny as we ALL gave pertinent but almost trite answers and sharing. In the end she could not lead the cell and it turned into an point of discussion. Because Lcells are personal and its hard to be real and share intimate details when “strangers” are eavesdropping!

But the entire process of all 4-5 of use sharing was pretty funny! She called us fake. Lolz! Actually we did mean what we said, just that the depth of which could not be shared so much! Oh well, at least it became a lesson to all 😀

Tyranny and Tyrants

Posted: January 26, 2011 in General

Today’s Daily Walk covered a chunkful of civil, ceremonial and compulsory laws. The chapters from Ex 21-24 were not as as boring as you might imagine! Actually it seems to stem from a just and fair God. The fact was that Israel was really in no way by the furthest stretch of your imagination close to a definition of a nation. It is somewhat like a “band of brothers” and their families. I mean that is what they were literally! God is almost providing a blueprint on “pioneering” a nation. Hmm…. Upon achieving independence from the British, where we would be if we had used God’s blueprint in starting afresh? Ok don’t shoot me down, it was a random thought!

But after reading the chapters, I like the insights that provoked quite a bit of thought. God repeats himself. No, He is not senile  or forgetful like how my 92yr old grandma was. (Every 10mins she would ask, “who are you?”). When God repeats himself (in the bible or in speaking to us) it is because there is a matter of great importance for us to heed.

You eventually Worship what you Serve.  Whatever commands your attention, becomes your god.

There is no two ways about it!

It’s so easy to skim over these thoughts, but I took a moment to consider them …

1. What do you think about when your brain is in neutral?

2. What do you do during your idle moments?

Another interesting statement, WHERE LAW ENDS, TYRANNY BEGINS.

Now that above statement made me think long and hard about tyranny. I even googled the meaning of tyrant. (yes really!). If there is no law at all, every man will become a law unto themselves and there would be a general sense of looking only to one’s own interest/advantage. Yes, every rule and command has been put there to protect us and our community. It is not there to deflate the fun out of things, but to provide protection and balance.

A lot to think about. Gonna further chew on things as I run along to church for Lcell tonight!



Up and Down mountains

Posted: January 26, 2011 in General

If I stay awake another 2 hours, I would be awake a full 24 hours! Cool! hahaha!

It was interesting to be woken up by God at 5am (after sleeping at about 130am). I was wide awake and read the Daily Walk portion for the day. Then I prayed for a whole bunch of people. By then it was about 615am.  Thought that would be good time an hour nap. No can do! It appeared my dear heavenly father had other plans for me which involved praying more! I complied and did remind Him that it was cyberjaya day and that sleep would generally be needed 😀

Nevertheless, He did not take up my suggestion of sleep! But as usual, He knows best 😀 I am still wide awake and energized even after the cyber cells, visitation and a counselling session after cell. It is really interesting how the Lord is beginning to unfold His plan, now that I have surrendered the planning aspect of my life! I mean I still do plan things like my journeys, routes and have my to do list (that is one thing He realizes is pretty useful so no need to relinquish that!). A cell leader who had told some others that she was waiting to see me cos she wanted to quit finally had her chance to see me after cell. This was a long awaited meeting because I never had the time or peace to see her prior to this. This was one of the many He led me to pray for. Lo and behold! With such exuberance, she bubbles and overflows with testimonies and stories of victory. She said she was ready to call it quits, but the Lord stopped her and filled her and the rest is history! I did not have to say or do anything except shout HALLELUJAH and pray for her as we parted ways! Jesus Rocks!

I try to plan, but leave the directing to my Abba Father! He is the coolest and the smartest too!

Today’s DWB reading tickled my funny bone. Moses had just come up the mountain to meet with God, when he was asked to go down a mountain (again) to ensure the people don’t come up. Moses tried to argue, “but they have been told already”. Yet the Lord said, “go anyway”. (my own w ords!). Why did God make an 80 year old man go up and down a mountain (MOUNTAIN….Read: Not stairs but mountain!!!) ? Obedience has a price. Sometimes its physical endurance and other times it could be financial endurance, or something else. God knew He was pressing Moses beyond normal physical limits, but there was a greater lesson of obedience by Moses and the importance of obeying instructions was highlighted to the people by Moses. The people had to learn that the holiness of the Lord was not to be taken lightly and neither was obedience to an unseen God.

So whilst I laughed imagining Moses huffing and puffing, I knew I would have complained more and tried to push the Lord further to prevent another tedious trip. Hmm.. how many times have I done this very thing? It is easy to justify as Moses tried, but its important to always be able to realize when self justification takes place of obedience. !

The Passover

Posted: January 22, 2011 in General

Was waiting with such excitement over today’s reading. No, its not because I wanted to read about blood and slaughter! But such deep symbolism of the ultimate deliverance that was to take place with the Lamb of God. The power of the deliverance in exodus evoked weeping and wailing never since heard, according to the Word. Yet, it was a mere shadow, a foretaste perhaps of the ultimate power of deliverance and victory that was beheld at Calvary. At Calvary, only a few stood watching as the Lamb drew his last breath on the cross. Yet the power over sin and death, resonated from the present and reached into the far reaches of the past and then into the distant future. wiping clean and making a way! AWESOME!

The Lord initiated a brand new year for the Jews with the deliverance aka Passover being the primary focus of the new year that was to be passed down to all generations. I am not planning to turn “jewish” but I do believe it is pertinent that the Lord required the start of every year to commence with a time of REMEMBRANCE of the deliverance. I believe its important that all believers (gentiles-hear hear!) to start their year remembering the blood of Jesus that bought their salvation has given us all the purpoose to live! Because He lives, I live too!

What to do in between miracles? Renember. (Daily Walk Bible)

I did some remembering. Realised that no matter what I face this year… His miracles of yesterday prove that He can still work miracles today!

Oh Dear this is getting to be a long post! But I simply had to share about last night’s amazing start to the Mission Weekend. This pastor was a devout Muslim. In his own words, A Muslim amongst Muslims! (sounds familiar ehh?!) He had long seasons where he read the Quran cover to cover every 10 days! He memorized chunks of it! Makes me so shy that we are trying to read the bible in one year and even that is a challenge to the average person! *convicted*

His supernatural conversion and encounter…not once but many times revealed a personal living life transforming and forgiving Father God. It was not hard facts that won him over. Not grand gestures of miracles (aka parting of the red sea), but it was the love of the Father that never gave up! Without this love that never gives up, we can so easily give up any call to the Great Commission. Its easy to let our prayers and efforts for our loved ones fizzle out when the love gives up. Our human love will give up. God’s love in us is another matter altogether 😀 More WORD and MORE PRAYER will yield a transformed live that overflows with His LOVE, that never gives up!

Missions started out with receiving the Love of the Father. Brilliant start. No guilt giving people.

Love giving.
Love praying.
Love going.


Sermon at the Lake

Posted: January 21, 2011 in General

We gathered together as the international zone leaders for a fun bonding picnic time! This time since it was JUST leaders it did not balloon up to 150 pax like the last “simple picnic outing”. About 20plus of us came, there was no rush on being on time because we had a game of frisbee whilst waiting for the others to arrive. Then a leisurely breakfast of nasi lemak that we ordered. After breakfast we sat and met and I had a time to share my heart with them.  It was a meaningful time where I do believe they caught the heartbeat of the two main thrusts of the church. Word and Prayer.

And in line with that we did the Daily Walk Bible reading guide for the day which included reading 4 chapters of exodus about the plagues! the last plague is yet to be read! Haha! They all said they had never read so much of the bible  in one sitting ever! And we did it just being by the lake on picnic mats. And we read out LOUD too! Awesome experience hearing the word being read with gusto amidst the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves and the squeals of kids in the distance!

A relaxing time of mono deal, debating on the best african country and politics ensued thereafter! All in all, I had a great time bonding over the simple things in life. I do believe I need to make this time of relaxing and bonding a regular occurrence beyond the usual Leadership cell time!

After all was done, I actually had so much energy that I went out to the mall to catch a movie, The Tourist. I absolutely loved it! Maybe my mind was tired, but I did not see it coming! And so that was a pleasant way to end my day “off”.

This morning I woke up early to hit the gym (finally), but decided to spend some time praying and soaking in more word! Nice! But I better be off… I have to hit the office soon!